Phylosophy 2016

I am the son of ancient Lehfed, a modest village nestled against the mountainside.

I grew up on its lap, and I was raised on its tradition and authenticity.

In its fields I have breathed the brooms and daisies and smelled the wet earth of first rains announcing winter that crowns my village heights, candid as the people there, with a white dress.

All the way through its injuries and in the names of its quarters, hills and valleys, I discovered its history, culture and traditions.

Every grain of earth at Lehfed fed me with love and loyalty to where I was born, raised, spent my childhood and gained my social conscience.

In the historical city of Beirut, the first capital of human rights, in its schools and universities, I completed my studies, refined my taste, and polished my art. It was there where my brush dipped in the wells of Lebanese humanism and ran over canvas with faith, thought, universal-ism and warmness…

Since then my brush has been telling the story of the Lebanon that sprouted out of the bosom of God and the wombs of authentic history.

Since then my brush has been delivering an artist heritage linked to all stages of life such as old churches and convents, natural caves, shrines, saints’ valleys, capital tram, wildflowers, glorious Byblos, and others. Through painful creativity, so many works of visual art have contributed to the intermingling of my soul as an artist with the soul of earth.

Lebanon is more than a country; it is a message to all nations!
May my art express this message and on the altar of Lebanon, a prayer I raise to protect the special identity of its inhabitants as exceptional model owed to the art of living together – a specificity
of Lebanon and an inspiration for my art.